IT’s next adventure? Overcoming challenges in every industry, minus the stress

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IT pros are racing to keep up with constantly evolving and innovating tech. And while technology affects everyone, specific industries have their own unique needs, challenges, and compliance considerations. It’s a lot to juggle! 😅

That’s where Eaton comes in, helping IT teams put their environments at the forefront of what’s next with efficient, reliable power and physical infrastructure…even in the most challenging industries.

Let’s explore the IT environment—and how to prepare it for the future. Who’s ready for an IT quest?

The edge of the unAIverse

First up, let’s talk edge IT infrastructure for AI. Edge IT infrastructure refers to the back offices, network closets, and repurposed rooms used to run your IT operation and reduce latency. At the edge, deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML) deployments can deliver real-time decision-making, but they come with unique power and bandwidth needs. Before you can reap those benefits, you need the right infrastructure.

Creating a future-ready edge deployment is all about having the right system support in place. Here’s what you need to know before you start:

  • Power distribution units should maximize power density and space savings. Eaton’s rackmount PDU G4 units combine a higher power density and a slim-form factor, so you get the power you need without overcrowding.
  • More power needs more support. Uninterruptible power supply units that accommodate larger power requirements, such as Eaton’s 9 series UPS, help future-proof your system.
  • Adapting in real time? With the Brightlayer Data Centers suite, you can plan, manage, and optimize your infrastructure as you go.

The best adventures start with a roadmap, such as this one from Eaton. Discover everything you need to know about optimizing your edge installation and uncover some hidden artifacts along the way.

Welcome home

Retail and hospitality are people-facing businesses, but they also keep their IT teams very busy. Let’s use a chain of hotels as an example.

With multiple service sites located miles apart and the need to update and troubleshoot issues quickly, IT teams must be agile and responsive. Customers demand speed, convenience, and interactivity, whether they’re traveling for work or pleasure. So how can IT pros meet those demands?

One word: efficiency.

Cloud-connected UPS and integrated remote monitoring mean IT teams can power the management and firmware updates of several sites from a single location. No more rushing from site to site for tech support—and no more waiting on a technician to arrive before a problem can be solved.

On the customer experience side, IT teams can manage things like cloud-connected UPS remotely, so on-site employees don’t have to stress about it.

Ready to boost the customer experience and support your org? Skip the long trek between sites. Eaton helps you ditch the old itinerary in this hotel, hospitality, and restaurant-focused infographic.

On the assembly line

So you thought hospitality was a lot to manage (okay, it is). But have you considered manufacturing?

Factories, warehouses, and other manufacturing environments take a grueling toll on sensitive IT equipment. It just comes with the territory—when products are created in mass quantities, there’s bound to be an occasional spill or cloud of dust. And in a place where productivity reigns supreme, IT pros must solve problems before they become disasters.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective. Keeping equipment clean and accessible can prevent costly issues. Industrial server rack cabinets and SmartRack industrial enclosures protect sensitive tech stacks from dust, debris, spills, and other manufacturing mishaps.

Another concern in factory settings? Power. More specifically, power surges. The last thing IT pros need is a surge that takes out an entire system…and a day’s worth of production. DIN rail UPS and other surge protection solutions minimize the damage caused by surges and outages. And with industrial USB hubs, you can protect equipment from risky electrostatic discharges.

Navigate IT for manufacturing (and find Eaton’s hidden artifacts) without breaking a sweat with this infographic.

Grab your gear

IT’s next quest begins…soon. From incorporating new tech to mitigating risk, the IT world is always changing. And with Eaton, your team has the support it needs to navigate whatever comes next.

With Eaton by your side, you’ll get efficient, reliable solutions that meet industry-specific needs. From AI-optimized edge infrastructure and manufacturing IT to retail and hospitality, Eaton’s there to help you get started.

Working in an industry we haven’t covered? No problem. Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio of powerful IT solutions and physical infrastructure is designed with all IT pros in mind—helping you stay on the forefront, wherever you are.

Explore how Eaton supports IT pros with future-ready tech.

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