Safeguarding APIs in the Age of App-ification

May 9th, 2024 | 12:00pm - 12:40pm ET

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About the Event

APIs, or application programming interfaces, have quickly become the backbone of today’s modern enterprise. This should come as no surprise considering the worldwide sprint for companies to digitize their operations and platforms. Executives and software developers alike are looking for lightning fast speed and seamless communication between interfaces. Meanwhile, on the consumer side, the far-from-fleeting trend can simply be summarized as the app-ification of (almost) everything.

As with any entrance to stardom, more attention isn’t always a good thing. With API traffic on the rise, this presents a rapidly expanding attack surface for application managers, software developers, and security experts to solve. During this virtual event, IT Brew is joined by the behind-the-scenes experts to understand the essentials in API security strategy, the commonly overlooked vulnerabilities, and how to stay one step ahead of attackers. Following this segment, Akamai’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, Rupesh Chokshi, will join us for a conversation about API-based security at a business level, and what the landscape looks like at large.

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Jason Kent

Hacker in Residence


Rupesh Chokshi

Senior Vice President and General Manager


Amanda Florian


IT Brew

Sonya Gavankar

Creative Studio Contributor

Morning Brew


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