When it Comes to AI and Data Privacy, How Careful is Too Careful?

April 16th, 2024 | 12:00pm - 12:40pm ET

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About the Event

With technologies like generative AI emerging so quickly, data privacy professionals have found themselves in a real “build the plane while flying” kind of situation. Privacy officers are looking for ways to embrace new capabilities while protecting sensitive data like source code or personally identifiable information. Meanwhile, AI frameworks and regulations from NIST, the White House, even the EU, are doing their best to keep up with the advancements and recommend standard operating procedures and best practices. How are privacy experts expected to keep the plane in the air and keep it compliant?

Join IT Brew for a conversation about treading lightly when it comes to AI without slowing down your company’s innovation. Hear from GitHub’s Chief Legal Officer, Shelley McKinley, on how to survive the changing landscape and keep customer trust, all while focusing on the future-facing tech. After this chat, we’ll be joined by Kris Wayman, Sophos’ Senior Manager of Sales Engineering, MDR, to discuss recommended (and not so recommended) AI capabilities that organizations can leverage to optimize cybersecurity.

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Shelley McKinley

Chief Legal Officer


Kris Wayman

Senior Manager, Sales Engineering, MDR


Jaimee Kidd

Event Programming Manager

Morning Brew

Josh Sternberg

Executive Editor

Morning Brew


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